All States Open Auto Transport Company

All States Open Auto Transport Company
All States Open Auto Transport Company
By Danit Brodny In Shipping Your Car Posted October 20, 2020 0 Comments

Are you using a car transport company for the first time? If so, let us walk you through the most common questions regarding this industry and what it has to offer regarding your car relocation.

Open-Air Auto Transport means the outdoor transportation of your vehicle in an open carrier. Also, while traveling with other vehicles, the open transport hauling service can cater to single-vehicle trailers. Either option, open Transport is the most affordable car shipping method.

Is open car transportation fully insured?

Yes. Because this form of Auto Transport is so common, you can expect insurance coverage against any accident on the road. Also, the price to be as affordable would depend on fuel rates dictated by the time of the year and the availability of the route the client requested. As required by law, even the cheapest car shipping services must provide insurance from any damages during loading and unloading. Moreover, rates are generated by different factors such as National average diesel fuel rates, route variations, and vehicle specs such as weight and size.

In today’s modern age, people own many more cars and trucks, and roads have increased traffic. Driving your vehicle from state to state can be daunting, especially with more vehicles on the roads. For this service, you want the most affordable auto transport, and we got you covered. 

Is Open Auto Transport worth the money?

Instead of driving to longer destinations, most people prefer to prepare other aspects of their home relocation. Also, traveling long distances would add mileage to your car. The trip can also cost you money if you need to set hotel accommodations for longer drives. 

That being said, hiring a good auto transport company can come in handy. To safely transport a car for the lowest rate possible, don’t hesitate to hire All State Car Transport at 877-320-2758

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