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Kansas is a great state. Known for its wheat (or cattle, one can never remember which), Kansas is the perfect state to get away from it all. Whether you’re looking for auto transport to the western part of the state or the eastern, you’ll find everything you need to know about Kansas right here.
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On the west side, Kansas is as you’d expect: flat, open plains. However, on the east side there’s a lot more forests and hills for you to peruse, which is funny because the ground of Kansas generally slopes upward east to west. On the Verdigris River, the altitude is 684 ft, whereas Mount Sunflower it’s as high as 4039 ft high, which is only a half a mile from the Colorado border.

In the northeast corner, the Missouri River contributes 75 miles to Kansas’ boundary. The Kansas River (aka the Kaw), which is formed by the junction of both the Smoky Hill and Republican rivers, meets up with the Missouri River at Kansas City to finish up the east boundary. These rivers provide plenty of relaxation on those hot Kansas days. On the western border is the Arkansas River (pronounced Ar-Kansas) which makes up pretty much the entire western border. These rivers are nice in the summer, offering you nice, cool water to cool down in and just have fun in. Auto transport to Kansas has never sounded so good.

Those rivers are going to come in handy, too, because summers in Kansas can get hot…really hot. 100 degree hot. But, don’t worry, it’s not like that all the time. In fact, spring and fall are generally milder, with winter being on the cool side with some occasional snow scattered in there. Which is nice if you’re looking for auto transport to get away from the snow.

However, just to put you on your guard, storms in Kansas can be severe. Although it is sunny a lot, it’s also chock full of strong thunderstorms, especially in the springtime, and many of those become what are known as supercell thunderstorms. These can create tornadoes, which are often F3 or stronger. In fact, Kansas has reported more tornadoes in the last 50 years than every state but Texas–even more than Oklahoma, which many call the Tornado Capital of the World.

Kansas, as well as some other midwest states, are experiencing what is known as a rural migration, or as many call it, outmigration. This is largely due to the fact that a lot of people just don’t like that much flatland, but if you’re looking to get away from the urban jungle then Kansas is definitely your place. Along with Iowa, 90% of Kansas cities have less than 3000 people, perfect for building a strong community without getting lost in the scheme of the big city.

Kansas is a wonderful place to visit, but for some people it’s home. And it can be your home too. Just call us at 877-320-2758 or fill out one single form online and you’ll get a competitve reliable auto transport company who are more than happy to ship your car to where you need it. Fast, reliable auto transport with All States Auto Shipping, and you’ll get a free quote to ship your car there and be relaxing in Kansas no time..

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