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Ohio is one interesting state. If you’re looking for auto transport to Ohio, here are some neat little things that might interest you: When needing an auto transport service, here are some things you might want to know before heading down there:

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It’s a midwest state, which means it’s part of the Great Lakes region. Many Native American tribes have inhabited the land that is Ohio, including the Iroquois, the Miamis, adn the Wyandots, among others. However, beginning in the 1700′s and the expansion of the United States following the American Revolution, it’s now more settled by former inhabitants from New England and Appalachia, and to some extend the south. What’s interesting is that until 1984 the U.S. government has officially classified it as part of the North Central region; however, with the division into two different regions, it now lies in the East-North-Central states. This is to reflect the fact that the state primarily resides in the center of the country. Just one of the many things you’ll read about in this page, should you still be looking for auto transport there.
What’s interesting also is that, because of where it’s located, it’s proved to be a state that is known for its economic grown and expansion. Because Ohio (and the river it’s named after) pretty much links the Northeast with the rest of the Midwest, a lot of cargo and business traffic flows through the state. This is mainly due to the Erie Canal, which bridged the two major rivers and allowed river traffic to pass through into Ohio, thus supplying the Midwest with Northeastern goods, and vice-versa. One of the many things to see (the Erie Canal) should you be considering auto transport, too.

Ohio has a generally humid climate, which basically means that summers will be hot and humid, whereas winters will be cool (sometimes bordering on cold). This means that winters in Ohio will occasionally dump some snow, but nowhere near the amount that some other states get (most notably Maine). While not part of Tornado Alley, it does see its fair share of tornadoes, albeit not as much as some of the states more west. Also, while snow does not fall often towards the south, “lake effect snowstorms” often fall during the winter around Lake Erie, and it also keeps the region around the lake cooler in the summer than most other places in the state.

One of the cooler things is that Ohio is the home to a myriad of different sports teams. The Cincinatti Reds and the Cleveland Indians play there, as do the Cincinatti Bengals. Cleveland is also home to the Cavaliers. What makes it really interesting is that Ohio is the only state to have teams from two different and separate metropolitian areas, whereas states like New York and Los Angeles have two teams in the same city (roughly). If you’re a baseball fan, auto transport to Ohio just might be for you.
Ohio is a wonderful place to visit, but for some people it’s home. And it can be your home too. Just call us at 877-320-2758 or fill out one single form online and you’ll get a competitve reliable auto transport company who are more than happy to ship your car to where you need it. Fast, reliable auto transport with All States Auto Shipping, and you’ll get a free quote to ship your car there and be relaxing in Ohio no time..

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