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Mercedes-Benz cars are known to be vehicles of strong, sophisticated and state-of-the-art qualities. The name Mercedes Benz is known across the world for their world-class safety, versatility and comfort. It is a brand that is recognized for luxury auto, coaches, buses and trucks which made it one of the most prominent brands in the automotive industry worldwide.

Mercedes owners know that since the inception of the brand, it has successfully maintained its reputation for quality and durable cars. When it comes to Mercedes auto transport, All States Car Transport is the right choice.

These cars have to always be treated with care as their owners provide to their cars during shipping process.

Mercedes - Auto Transport

Mercedes – Auto Transport

All States Car Transport will securely ship your Mercedes Benz car

• Our reputable automobile shipping company will handle with extreme care your vehicle. You have the option if you live near the shipping port, to drive your car to the port instead of having the company transport it.

• If you don’t live near a shipping port, then it is best that your car is transported interstate to the nearest port. Once there, make sure that your Mercedes car is loaded safely.

You can also choose whether to have your car transported by RORO, (your car is likely to exposed weather conditions) or container shipping to be fully secure shipping where your car is in environment with no risks to debris, other vehicles or weather hazards

Also, upon reaching the destination, your car transport company will handle clearing the customs so you can either drive your car or have it delivered to your home.

Our auto transport company is reliable and trustworthy. As a family owned business with more than 20 years of experience we know all the requirements for your car to be shipped safely and with all the customs clearance at port. and service. If you have any more questions on the shipping process, give us a call

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