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North Carolina is a really interesting state, with so much fun stuff to do and see. It’s one of the 13 original colonies and was one of the first to ratify the constitution, as well as one of the first states to secede from the Union when the Civil War broke out in 1861. It is a state that’s full of cool stuff to do and a lot of interesting facts. If you’re looking for auto transport to North Carolina, here are some things you might like:
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Because of its many different elevations, driving around North Carolina can be a really interesting meteorological experience. The coastal regions is usually humid, but nice, while if you’re in or around the western mountains it’s more like you’re visiting New England. It’s bordered by South Carolina to the south, Georgia to the southwest, Tennessee directly to the west, Virginia to the north and the Atlantic Ocean lies on the east.

What is really interesting about North Carolina is the fact that it consists of three separate and different geographic regions: the coastal plain, which lies in the eastern 50% of the state or so; the Piedmont region, which lies in the middle, and the foothills and actual Appalachian Mountains make up the last third of the state. What’s really neat is that the coastal plain actually forms the Outer Banks, which are mainly small sand-barrier chains residing outside of North Carolina, and the two small sounds they create are the largest landlocked sounds in the U.S. This plain actually has very few people living there, but does form a huge basis for the state’s agricultural and industrial sectors. The temperatures tend to stay very mild, ranging around 85 degrees in the day during the summer, down to around 40 degrees at night.

The Piedmont region, however, has much higher temperatures than on the coast (you’d think, right?), with the highs during the summer reaching above 90 degrees on average. The highest temperatures of the Piedmont region occur near Fayetteville, which lies in the southern part of the region. Lows reach in the near 50’s, making the middle of North Carolina a pretty splendid place to be. The sunsets are said to be the best when you are in the Piedmont region, neither too hot nor too cold as twilight turns to darkness. With winter come the lowest temperatures, with highs reaching in the 40’s and lows dipping almost into negative numbers. Not the best place to be if you’re not a fan of the snow.

The Appalachians are a lot like the Piedmont region, with highs in the 60’s and lows in the low teens. Snow also falls heavily here, mainly because of the mountains, with snowfall reaching 16-20 inches in the winter annually.

North Carolina has been termed the “most military-friendly state in the nation,” or so says Governor Easley. It is the home of Fort Bragg, which is by far the largest military base in the United States. It housed the XVIII Airborne Corps, the 82nd Airborne Division, and the U.S. Army Special Operations Command (USSOC), and the Pope Air Force Base serves as the main military airport for Fort Bragg. With the Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune and the Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point combined with other, smaller military bases, it makes up the largest contingent of sailors and marines in the world.

Getting away from the mass amounts of armament that is housed in North Carolina, its population (civilian) of over eight million is spread out over three vastly different, yet major, metropolitan regions. None of these regions had any major league teams from any sport until the late 1980’s, despite North Carolina’s large population. Now, however, North Carolina is home to the Charlotte Hornets (NBA) and the Carolina Panthers (NFL) play near Charlotte as well. Citizens of North Carolina also love their cars, with more than 80% of NASCAR’s business tied up in the Piedmont area. Many famous racing families also call North Carolina home, including the Pettys, Allisons, Jarretts, Waltrips, and, perhaps most famously, the Earnhardts. All of these families live less than an hour from Charlotte.

North Carolina is full of things to do and see, and when you get there you’ll be hard-pressed to do it all. Go see a NASCAR race, or just enjoy the wonderful sunsets. Any way you look at it, you won’t be disappointed. And why should your auto transport experience be any different?

North Carolina is a wonderful place to visit, but for some people it’s home. And it can be your home too. Just call us at 877-320-2758 or fill out one single form online and you’ll get a competitive reliable auto transport company who are more than happy to ship your car to where you need it. Fast, reliable auto transport with All States Auto Shipping, and you’ll get a free quote to ship your car there and be relaxing in North Carolina no time..

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