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Vermont is one crazy state, that€™s for sure. Did you know that it was once its own independent nation? It €™s one of only five U.S. states to ever declare independence, but you should be glad it €™s part of the Union now. Now, Vermont is the leading producer of maple syrup in the U.S. as well as one of the premier sources for dairy products.
When needing an auto transport service, here are some things you might want to know before heading down there:

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Vermont has a relatively humid climate indicative of  New England. It has warm, humid summers and cold winters, which (as usual) become colder at higher elevations. This doesn’t stop many people from enjoying all that Vermont has to offer. When you come to Vermont, you’ll be amazed at the sheer beauty that is displayed on the sugar maple  (abundant throughout Vermont) by its leaves turning all sorts of beautiful colors.

But despite all this, Vermont has seen its ups and downs. Vermont lost a lot of its population as many farmers moved west into the Great Plains in search of land and gold, and when they returned, they found something almost as good: logging. But logging, too, fell out as Vermont’s forests were quickly thinning out and being destroyed. This destruction turned many people away from Vermont, resulting, ironically, in a boom in Vermont’s beautiful forests, and, as a result, the tourist industry.

Tourism  is Vermont’s largest industry by far, contributing over 4 billion dollars to the state’s economy. This happens to be the highest percentage in the entire country. But when you decide to use an auto transport service to move to Vermont, you’re not going to be a tourist, are you? You’ll be living there, reaping the benefits.

In winter, too, is where the  recreational skiing  really kicks in. The big ski resorts of Stowe,Killing-ton Ski Resort  and  Mad River Glen  all open in the winter time and host skiers from across the planet. Also, many of those ski resorts also operate as summer lodges too, instead offering many other services as well as full restaurants and other services designed to attract tourists as well as keep people employed.

Summer camps are also common in Vermont, and for the true outdoors man there are many things to do. Camping, fishing, especially for trout, hiking, boating, water skiing, and many other things help contribute not only to Vermont’s beauty but also help their economy. But that’s not the only thing about Vermont that’s really cool. Vermont’s Constitution  outlines broad rights for citizens, and even predated the U.S. Bill of Rights by over a dozen years. The Constitution also prohibits slavery (duh), many types of discrimination and of course freedom from religious persecution.

Vermont is a wonderful place to visit, but for some people it’s home. And it can be your home too. Just call us at 877-320-2758Â or fill out one single form online and you’ll get a competitive reliable auto transport company who are more than happy to ship your car to where you need it. Fast, reliable auto transport with All States Auto Shipping, and you’ll get a free quote to ship your car there and be relaxing in Vermont no time..

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Our professional team will do the job right or make it right. We strive to give our customers the best car transport experience we can. From start to finish, our friendly car transport sales team is working for you, giving you the best auto shipping quotes and the best car transportation service for your time and money. All our drivers are experienced truckers and drivers. Each and every one of them shines through with excellent driving records, no accidents or any inconveniences in loading or unloading vehicles of any kind. This assures you that your vehicles is in good hands and well taken care of during the entire procedure.

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