Mistakes to Avoid When Transporting Your Luxury Car

Mistakes to Avoid When Transporting Your Luxury Car
Mistakes to Avoid When Transporting Your Luxury Car
By Danit Brodny In Auto Transport Facts Posted December 3, 2021 0 Comments

Transporting a car from one location to another can seem daunting at first, especially if it is a luxury vehicle. Luckily, there are some effective ways to ease the stress of your luxury car transport and ensure that this high-value cargo arrives safely on the other end.

Whether you’re shipping a classic or modern sports car, here are some common mistakes to avoid for smooth transport.

1. Choosing a Trucking Company That Doesn’t Know How to Handle Luxury Cars

Finding a qualified and experienced trucking company is the first step in transporting your luxury car. Doing the opposite could mean more damage than good. Make sure the carrier you choose specializes in luxury car transport.

2. Not Making Pre-Transport Arrangements

Ask your carrier if they offer any unique services that can be beneficial for this type of car. They may offer to customize the truck to fit the dimensions of your vehicle. Also, discuss how they plan on loading and securing it during transport.

3. Not Being Clear About Your Car Specifications or Expect From a Carrier

Before hiring a car hauler, make sure you provide as much detail as possible regarding the type of car you have and where it needs to go. You should also let them know if there are any specific requirements that your car needs to meet during transportation. This may be anything from special care instructions to customized transportation equipment.

4. Not Checking the Car Carrier’s Permit and Insurance Policy

Before doing business with a trucking company, call your local Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Office and check if they have a valid USDOT Number and proof of insurance on file. When checking their insurance policy to see how much they are insured for, make sure you know the maximum amount your car is worth.

5. Overlooking the Possibility of Damage During Transport

Contact with your carrier throughout the entire process. Take pictures of the car before and when it arrives, so you know that no damage was done during transport.

6. Not Getting a Written Estimate

Before you sign any contracts, ask for a written quote from the trucking company that outlines all fees and expenses associated with your luxury car transport. Also, be sure to ask about what type of insurance they have if anything goes wrong during transport. This way, if your vehicle is damaged or lost somewhere along the way, you can make a claim accordingly.

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