All States Car Transport Service

All States Car Transport Service
All States Car Transport Service
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Hiring a professional car relocation service is the most secure way to transport a vehicle in a safe manner, to any destination. Because a Car relocation is not an easy task, you can rely on All States Car Transport to ship your vehicle anywhere you want. 

Why Hire Us?

At All States Car Transport, our goal is to ensure the complete satisfaction of all our clients while offering high-quality car relocation services. We are a company with professionals dedicated to satisfying your auto transport needs, whether it is one car or an entire fleet. We also provide auto transport services at any time of the year with other additional services if needed, such as pick up from your initial location.

All States Car Transport excels at offering excellent customer service, excellent transit times, and competitive rates. We complete inspections both at pickup and delivery time to make sure your requirements are fully satisfied. Our excellent track record, as well as our ability to provide reliable auto transport services, reflect in the word of mouth referrals of a new client wanting to do business with us.

Reasons to choose All States Car Transport

  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Guaranteed delivery time for auto services available
  • Immediate pickup available
  • Real-time tracking
  • Door-to-door service available
  • Competitive rates

Our Services

Open Car Transport

A well-known method for transporting vehicles in the car relocation industry, this method is proven to be cost-effective and highly efficient, making it ideal for private individuals, car rental agencies, and automotive dealerships. Your car will be loaded on our customized open auto hauler carrying several vehicles. 

Enclosed Car Transport

When it comes to maximum protection of your vehicle during transport, enclosed auto transport is the top-ranking auto shipping method. Your car will be completely covered and protected from the dirt, debris, and other elements of the road and weather hence minimizing the chances of potential damage. Our enclosed car transport service is ideal for sports cars, luxury cars, antiques, classics, and exotic vehicles with low ground clearance.

Door-to-Door Car Transport

With our door-to-door car transport service, we will pick up and drop off your car at your doorstep. Some states and cities restrict this type of service as they have regulations and rules on the size and type of vehicles that can enter residential areas. If this is the case, then we will have to meet you at the nearest large parking lot to deliver your car.

Motorcycle Transport

We provide reliable and affordable motorcycle shipping to anywhere in the country. Both open and closed trailers are available to accommodate the transport of any sport bike, motorcycle, or chopper.

Expedited Shipping

This service is ideal for you if you are in a hurry to ship your car. With this service, we will pick up your vehicle in 1-3 business days and transport it to a designated location of your choice on either an open or enclosed trailer, according to your specific preference.

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