Rolls-Royce Classic Car Transport

Rolls-Royce Classic Car Transport
Rolls-Royce Classic Car Transport
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Rolls-Royce Classic Car Transport

London, Paris and New York chauffeur services make use of Rolls-Royce Classic Car Transport and the famous and rich love this car model. Rolls-Royce Classic Car is tantamount with luxury and prestige, and when you think of these cars, you can’t help but compare with others. Here, you will know and learn some of the interesting facts about Rolls-Royce Classic Car Transport. Check these out:

1. Rolls-Royce should always be written with a hyphen or dash to reflect easily the two surnames of the founders.
2. Henry Royce and Charles Rolls established the company in the year 1906. Parenthetically, a picture of Henry Royce and Charles Rolls was certainly not taken together.
3. 6 out of ten Rolls-Royce classic cars are still safe and legal. On the other hand, the oldest model that is still on the road is the 1904 10hp that is owned by Thomas Love Jr. residing at Perth, Scotland.
4. The first Rolls-Royce Classic Car was the Rolls-Royce 10 with 10 horse power. In addition to this, this was traded for £395.00 in the year 1904, and only 16 were completely made.
5. The objective and mission of the car manufacturer was to deliver a solid transport substitute to trains and horses. When Rolls-Royce Company was created, the carriage and horse were the main transportation mode.
6. The most popular car model of Rolls-Royce Classic Car is the Silver Ghost. In addition to this, 6,000 were made, and the name signified the engine’s quietness. Apart from this, the overall success of this car model led the company to open their 2nd factory located at Springfield, Massachusetts but after 10 years, it was closed down since people in the United States of America chosen British made vehicles.
7. Rolls-Royce R engine is considered as the only machine to acquire water, air and land speed records.
8. The very popular Rolls-Royce emblem was creatively designed by a car lover named Charles Sykes and it is called “Spirit of Ecstasy”.
9. Rolls-Royce Company stopped manufacturing high-quality vehicles in the year 1971 after they crippled by RB211 jet engine development. On the other hand, they restarted manufacturing cars when they were booked over by different firms.
10. In the present time, Rolls-Royce is now owned and maintained by BMW. They shipped high-quality vehicles in various parts of the world.

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