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Huntington Beach is a beautiful city right on the coast of California, with excellent surfing and an amazingly long (8.5 miles) beach that you can just walk down and let your worries fly away in the breeze. The city itself was founded in 1790 by the Spanish, but was ceded after the Mexican War. During the early 1900\’s, however, oil was found under the city, and companies quickly flocked to the city to tap this natural resource.

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The city itself is known for its beautiful beaches and excellent waves, which is actually merely runoff from different typhoons that rippled toward the coast of California, giving the beaches excellent waves to surf on and to swim. Like most other cities in California, the weather is sunny, dry, and cool (seeing as how the city lies on the ocean), and strong breezes are typical in the early morning and evening. However, during May and June, the city experiences a “June Gloom” effect, where the weather is overcast and foggy due to the cool air from the pacific meeting up with the warm air over the land.

Construction on or near the beach (in any way, shape or form) is strictly prohibited without a vote from the people, so there are no condos or beachfront houses lining the shores of the beach. This helps to maintain its natural ties with the ocean and gives the beaches an open, clean feeling. With over 180,000 people there (and most liking the beach), this is important because it doesn\’t block the view of the ocean for anyone.

Despite the fact that most of the oil has been dried up, excavation of the natural resource still proceeds, although slowly, and is still a huge boost for the local economy. Tourism, too, attracts many visitors each year, with the beaches and natural scenery playing a huge role in tourist attractions. Huntington Beach is also the site for the World Surfing Championships, which occurs annually.

Huntington Beach CA is a wonderful place to live, and if you’re looking for auto transport to the city, look no further than All States Auto Shipping. One toll free call to 877-320-2758, or taking one minute to fill out our free online quote request form you will receive a free quote from All States auto shipping companies in your e-mail over the next one hour. So call or go online today and see what All States Auto Shipping can do for you!

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