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Are you looking for enclosed transport? If you are looking to protect your precious car against any kind of damage while transportation, using an enclosed car carrier trailer is the best option. Enclosed transport eliminates the exposure to the weather and environment which are the major factors that could damage your car while it’s being transported.

It is recommended to consider hiring the services of enclosed transport in these following situations:

• Exotic vehicle
• Antique car or truck
• Brand new vehicle
• Collection car
• Expensive car

Whether you are shipping an antique car, a classic vehicle, an expensive exotic car, or a standard car, you can always count on All States Car Transport, LLC for successful transportation within budget.

All State Car Transport

All State Car Transport

Why Choose Us?

At All States Car Transport, LLC, we guarantee that your valued vehicle is completely insured and handled with extra care from the time it is picked up, till its delivered. We focus on various aspects of the vehicle’s safety while transporting it. What set us apart from other vehicle transportation companies, include the following:

1. Interior/Exterior Protection Guarantee

• Double Covered – When your car is inside our trailer, we will make sure that it is double covered with a scratch proof car cover
• Interior Protection – We use steering wheel covers, seat covers, floor mats, etc. to guarantee extra interior protection of your vehicle

2. Soft Tied – Never Chained

We always secure vehicles to the trailer by using soft straps over the tires. We never connect chains to the frame of your vehicle. This approach is extremely important for vehicles that are very low to the ground and some antique cars that have fragile frames.

car-transport3. Professional Drivers

Not everyone can drive an enclosed car hauler with safety and care. All our drivers have years of experience and training and are chosen for their safety rating, attention to detail, and professionalism.

Apart from these features, we are dedicated to providing excellent customer satisfaction and outstanding services to our clients and maintaining our reputation for quality, efficiency, and reliability.

Our Services

We have two types of enclosed shipping approaches; soft-side enclosed carrier and hard-side enclosed carrier. We can help you choose the right method to fit your needs.

• Soft-side Enclosed Carrier

New exotic and luxury cars such as BMWs are transported to dealerships using soft-side enclosed carriers. These carriers offer a lot more protection than a standard open carrier. It is a cost-effective way to protect your vehicle. Our soft-side enclosed carriers are constructed of a heavy canvas and allow for easy loading and unloading process. Furthermore, protection from various outside elements and weather is also guaranteed.

• Hard-side Enclosed Carrier

Our hard-side enclosed carriers are airtight and offer the highest level of protection for your expensive vehicle. Hard-side enclosed carrier protects your vehicle from all outside elements. The extra protection of a hard-side carrier keeps your collectible or luxury vehicle cleaner and safer than any other shipping method.

Usually, we recommend that for exotics such as Ferrari, BMW, etc. you should choose our hard-side only method of transport. For all other vehicles, our standard soft-side enclosed shipping method is sufficient.

All States Car Transport  – Enclosed Transport

Our services include open Car Transport, enclosed car transport, classic car shipping, motorcycle shipping, exotic car transport, luxury car transport, international car transport. To learn more about our enclosed transportation services call us today at 1-877-320-2758 or fill out an Auto Quote.

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Awesome service, got my car 2 days early. First time using All States Car Transport, and I will definitely recommend.

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