International Auto Transport to Germany from the USA

International Auto Transport to Germany from the USA
International Auto Transport to Germany from the USA
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A car shipping company would be responsible for legally finding out about every detail related to the displacement of your car to a foreign country. This will ensure that there is no unfulfilled law and that your car will not run stuck in the harbor, as if it were about to be deported. In this regard, the EU has strict rules which must be met to avoid unpleasant surprises. And, this is the same with many more countries, so it can be said that, in general, the international auto transport is subject to many regulations, such as environmental standards. That’s why it’s a must to have the corresponding documentation to ensure your vehicle is not a major source of pollution.

Car Shipping to Germany from USA

Germany has a number of major ports such as Hamburg, Wilhelmshaven, Bremen, Bremerhaven and Emden, to name a few. The international auto transport company should choose the nearest port or the one that is most economically feasible when shipping to Germany from USA. There are several convenient things about shipping cars to Germany. Firstly, Germany does not restrict entry of any kind of car, whatever be the age and model. The taxes, duties and excise that you have to pay are same for all cars.

Before international auto transport to Germany from USA, you do not need to obtain any kind of written permissions for authorization from any United States body. After your car reaches Germany, you need to pay 10% of the cars value as tax, in addition to freight insurance and freight cost which depends on the rates of the chosen port. You also need to pay 15% of purchase value in addition to freight cost and import duty as value added tax. For vintage cars and cars that fall under collectors editions, 7% additional tax has to be paid.

Before international auto transport to Germany from USA, you will have to hand over your car keys, vehicle registration along with title, permission from creditor if your car loan is not yet complete and a authorizes letter from you confirming the shipment. These documents need to be on notaries.

Getting your car ready for shipping

The fuel tank of the car should be filled to one-fourth of its total capacity. Ensure that it is not more than this level because the international auto transport company will have to siphon some fuel out. If it is less, then you might be additionally charged if the shipper needs to put in the fuel required for local transport. Another important consideration is the weather difference. Germany is a cold country and you will have to protect the parts of the car, lest they freeze in the cold. Also, before you ship the car, ensure that no valuables are placed in it.

It is also recommended that you remove car accessories such as audio systems, car television or others. If you let these accessories be, you might have to pay extra for insurance, besides running the risk of losing them during transit. The alarm system has to be disconnected before you undertake international auto transport to Germany from USA. It is also important to ensure that your car is in running condition and in accordance with the emission regulations of Germany.

Whatever be the country you want your car shipped to, including shipping to Finland from USA these are some of the common rules that need to be followed for international auto transport.

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